Community Manager

Blah Blah Im akg


Admin - Pixel Planet

Hello! I am Insufficiently and I’m a Mod on PixelPlanet. If you have any Questions, Issues or just feel the need to contact me you can do so on discord or in game. See you on the server!

Discord - Amadeus#9111
In Game - Insufficiently

Our Team

Akg write this



Blah Blah Im Spike


Head Admin - Pixel Planet

Hey I’m Oshuj E [‘Awshujay’], Osh or Oshu work fine too. I’ve done building In both Pixel Purelife as well as Pixel Planet so hopefully you enjoy the look, also as the Admin role entails I try to deal with problems and help out the community. As of writing this I’m mainly on Pixel Planet, hop on, it’s a pretty solid server. If I’m not playing Minecraft then I’m probably playing some indie or Sci Fi game, though much more likely grinding out school.
Anyways if you have any build or server suggestions feel free to ping or msg me.

Discord - OshujE#3926
In game - OshujE